In the wake of the recent Kid Rock announcement that he will not be running for a US Senate seat, let us hope that American Christian Conservatives will take this time to reevaluate their decisions. Of course, that amounts to nothing more than delusional rhetoric, as we are about to closeout our first year of dear leader Donald Trump, with a still fiery Christian support base. However, this moment, Christian conservatives should feel the humiliation of their unabashed support of Kid Rock to something similar of what the world saw during the 2016 election cycle. This time the train stopped early, and the conductor leaped off smiling and profanely asked, “Are you f—-ing kidding me? Like, who f‑‑‑ing couldn’t figure that out?” The bitter truth,

Christian Conservatives have become a laughing stock, not just to their enemies, but also to their beloved spokesmen. 

So what happened?

Why has this “Christian Nation” fallen so very far from the heritage it claims? A better, more accurate title might be that we are not a Christian Nation, but a Godless Christian Nation. We have our history, our banners and our rhetoric but we do not nationally have God.

Nothing better encompasses the idea of a Godless Christian Nation than Kid Rock’s profanity laced, pelvic thrusting, Jesus loving, genital referencing Senate run announcement at a concert, rapped to rabid applause and later enjoyed by Conservatives the country over through social media. Oh yes, did you stumble over that sentence? It’s linked here, in case you want to put yourself through that.

It’s likely everyone in that room will claim we are a “Christian nation” as they whooped and yelled to Rock’s praise of Jesus’s name, with a jumbo projection of the “Prince of Peace” behind him, just before he talked about “holding his d–k” in the Oval Office. I’ve seen plenty of professing Christians share it online (that happen to also be the same Christians that bought the messianic bait about Trump, and so quickly excuse his actions).

However, let’s say this is a new and anomalous moment. What else does a Christian nation look like, besides enthusiastically supporting a genitalia referencing whilst proselytizing political candidate? When Donald Trump and his supporters chant, “Make America Great Again,” they must be referencing that one time this Nation was “Christian,” right?! So when would that be? As one looks back from 1776 to present, you’d be hard pressed to find a time when a race or gender minority wasn’t enslaved or unequal within it’s own boarders, or outside, a target of it’s imperialism. From the start we’ve excelled in genocide and eugenics. To boot, you will not find it’s founding documents referencing Jesus Christ as it’s foundation.

“But it’s worse in other countries!”
That could be true, and we could spend hours debating, but the point remains, as Christians, we have an objective standard to hold for a Nation supposedly representing that namesake.

The issue is,  that the unrealized definition of a “great America” and a “Christian Nation” are when the white protestant was on top and not being hassled. An attack to the esteemed white protestant image, like the removal of confederate statues or the social rejection of straightforward actual Christian values, is when the cry, “what’s wrong with this nation?! It’s godless now!” is heard the loudest. But where was that question when we (strong prosperous white protestant America) enslaved blacks, intentionally nuked Japanese civilians, built ethnic based concentration camps, slaughtered Native Americans for not leaving the land they kept for generations, started eugenics programs, lead the way in the Abortion Industrial Complex, and the countless other atrocities in the name of Manifest Destiny or American Exceptionalism?

The unsaid reality of those “great” times, among the church, is they weren’t much different than the dreaded Sharia, only a different group was on top. Conservative Christians look back fondly on a time when women couldn’t vote; people with a darker pigmentation couldn’t drink from the same fountain, and were sometimes killed for offending the delicate sensibilities of nearby white folk. So on, and so forth. Was that a “great America”? Was that a “Christian Nation?”

And now that we are really being honest.
This nation looks more like Sodom than Christ, and it isn’t just the pagans.

While Christian Conservatives are afraid of God’s judgment on this nation if it looks different than the postcard of the 1950’s, Romans [1:24] tells us something startling: We’ve already been judged.

“Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves.”

As Christians dive further and further into it’s Pharisaical caricature of itself and compromised nationalism, it will be hard to tell the difference from a fiery reign of judgement and a rockets’ red glare with bombs bursting in air. It’s also defenses about this country’s religious allegiance that look, sadly, like a conversation we are shown in Matthew, “but we Americans have done many mighty works in your name!’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.”

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